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Art Paws, Executive Producer - Todd Burlingame 

Todd comes from to Reno from the Chicago Region. He graduated from TMCC with a degree in Construction Technology with an emphasis on Renewable Energy in 2010, then went on to Arizona State University to complete his Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on Organizational Studies. Todd is a U.S. Navy veteran having served in Beirut as part of the multinational peacekeeping force. Todd has a strong background with yard art and studied metal sculpture at TMCC. He also supplies TMCC artists with various materials for sculptures. Todd currently writes poetry as his creative outlet. He has always been an animal lover, his first pet was a cat rescued from the Animal Control by his Grandmother at the age 6. His current pet is a Black Lab which is also his service dog. He has had many rescued pets throughout the years.

Art Paws, Event Coordinator - Michelle McHardy

Michelle has been the event coordinator of Art Paws for the last 8 years and has seen the event grow from 500 attendees to over 5,000. As the previous co-editor of PetFolio Magazine and current owner of All Things Equine, Michelle continues to pursue what she is passionate about: animals and animal welfare. She is excited about the continuing evolution of Artown’s Art Paws event. Partner to Dr. Scott Greene, mother of four, Cassandra, Ashley, Mikala and James, Michelle shares her home with an extended family that includes five horses, three dogs and two cats, several of which are rescued animals.

Art Paws, Artist - Turi K. Everett

Illustrator, artist, wife and mother –  Turi has always been fascinated with and inspired by the nature of animals. Turi received her formal education in Sweden, but expanded her experience through travel and living abroad. In fact, her many years in America enriched her life and work immensely. Upon returning to Scandinavia, Turi established her studio on the west coast of Sweden and continues to illustrate and help animals in America through PetFolio Magazine and Art Paws. "Thank you PetFolio, and now Art Paws, Inc. for appreciating my art and allowing me to help the animals, at the same time. Turi"

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